Round Bunting

Happy New Year! Did you make any resolutions for 2014? I usually don’t wait till the New Year to make resolutions because my motto is that each DAY is a fresh start and a chance for change and improvement. BUT, there is something a little extra magical about making resolutions at the dawn of a new year so I couldn’t resist!

Hopefully you won’t get tired of me but one of my resolutions is to post here at least once a month! Yep. Surely I am the first ever blogger to make such a resolution, right?? Ha! Now that I’ve told you that…I’ve really gotta stick with it though, huh? Except, that’s exactly why I told you! I know there are those of you out there that will hold me VERY accountable. (Cough Cough Silpa and Shez Cough Cough) I am so excited and looking forward to what God has in store for me in my creative pursuits this year so I appreciate all the prayers and positive vibes you can spare my way!

My inspiration received a much-needed boost from my latest read, “Creative Thursdays” by Marisa Anne. If you are in a creative rut or feeling some frustrations with yourself, I highly recommend this book! Marisa graces each page with her beautiful artwork and photography while sharing her knowledge and wisdom  about creative practices in a great conversational tone. I seriously read this book feeling like she was one of my good buddies and had written it JUST for ME. It is a VERY easy read and both encouraging and inspiring.


The Update – I finished the 4th project of my online Home Ec. course – Sewing a Round Bunting. Since my son’s room was lacking in deco, I designed the bunting with his name so I could hang it on his wall. Although it’s been a while since I’ve completed this project, I just got around to taking some pics to share with you, so without further ado:

Here’s a close-up of a few of the letters:


Felt was used for the lettering as well as the backing for this bunting. Quilting cotton (navy blue with vibrant green) was used for the front face. The font for the lettering is called KB Stick to It and can be downloaded from for free. (I love the internet!)

Round Bunting1

The bunting adds a great personal touch to the room AND has the added bonus of being a great visual for helping my son learn the letters in his name.

The bunting was only part of my plans for the wall though. Right under the bunting, I also hung up a stretch of twine which I now use to display the latest and greatest of my son’s creations! Jayden feels such a sense of accomplishment every time he looks up and sees his work. “Mommy! I did that!” And so with this great bunting project, my son now has his very own “Wall of Fame”.

Round Bunting

8 comments on “Round Bunting

  1. SN says:

    I am 100% in favor of this resolution of yours! And Jaydo looks too cute with all his art projects…just maybe add some more letters, like “S”, “I”, “L” and “P” — I see the “A” is already there. (Also, I have no idea what a “bunting” is…is that a word people should know?)

    • sheepsake says:

      I had to look it up last night because I also had no clue about “buntings”!! I originally had named this post “Circle Banner”! Lol That was until I checked the project title on the Home Ec course website. Hahaha Regarding your request for letters, I’ll do even better. When we make our letter card for the letter “S”, I’ll put your FACE on there! Lol he’ll love that!

  2. joan says:

    that last picture in this post is SO CUTE!!!!!! p.s. I can’t wait for monthly posts!!!! I love reading your blogs!

    • sheepsake says:

      Oh gosh…haha you know how Jayden loves that toy phone! He was busy making “calls” while I was taking pics. Thanks for the encouragement Joan! I appreciate it so much! 😀

  3. Omega Brooks says:

    Great post & I really need to join you on that resolution…LOL! I look forward to seeing your posts. I love the bunting you made for you son’s wall & I know Jayden love it too. His drawings are cute & he is too! BTW-Happy New Year!

    • sheepsake says:

      Thank you so much! And YES, I would LOVE to see a monthly post from you! I always love checking out your blog! You make such beautiful cards. 🙂 Cheers to you and I getting EXTRA crafty this year! Happy New Year!

  4. shezareu says:

    Oh man I am so pressed that I got a mention in your blog! Woohoo! LOVE the bunting and all the pics and I love that the green monster from Alayna’s 1st birthday made an appearance too! 🙂 I say you should post every week!!!!!

    • sheepsake says:

      Thanks!! And we love our little green monster so I’m guessing that dude will probably photo bomb future pics as well. Haha weekly posts?! I wish! Maybe that’ll be my 2015 resolution. ;P

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