Spring Storm Tea Time

I finally started back up on my Freckled Nest Home Ec. online course again and the lesson I worked on was for cloth napkins. I finished them last night and I’m so glad I made them. I scrapped the fabric from one of my mom’s old mu-mu style cotton night gowns so the result is a soft and FREE set of napkins that I won’t be upset about if they get stained. After all, what good is a napkin if I won’t allow them to get messy?

Napkin Set

As many things as I’ve sewn on my lovely sewing machine, Bessy…I’ve never ventured beyond the straight stitch! WOW…where has my sense of adventure and risk gone!? So this lesson helped me get over my fear of leaving the safe and straight mode of stitching.

Napkin-ZigZag Stitch

I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. I used bright red thread to add a little pop of color to the brown/white pattern.

Cloth napkins are a great way to cut back on our use of paper napkins/paper towels during meals so I’m not opposed to making more of these to use on a regular basis. Good for the environment and good for the wallet!

I was pretty excited to use my napkins today. This afternoon, the weather is warm and stormy so it’s the perfect time for tea and cookies. (But really, when is it NOT the perfect time for tea and cookies?)

Napkin-Tea Time

Anybody free to join me for tea time?

Girls Will Be Girls

Now that the sun is shining bright and warm in this lovely Spring season here in Maryland, I’m rarely indoors anymore…hence my sudden blog silence! Oh, how I LOVE that my “job” as a stay-at-home mom forces me to go play at the park with my little guy!


I have a few WIPs still, but progress is slow since I’m not home much.

In the meantime, based on a friend’s request, I thought I’d share with you one of my little secrets to staying organized.

If you’re girl, then you know that there is a CONSTANT battle that we ALL face:

The need to have everything we see that is pretty & sparkly VS. Finding a place to keep it all!

At some point, my lovely collection of beaded necklaces and dangly earrings turned into a nightmarish clump of metal which could only be untangled with the concentration and focus of a jedi…solving a Rubix Cube…from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.  I needed to find an organized, space-saving solution that I could access easily but keep out of sight.


Just Solutions! Hanger Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Hanger

Life-altering jewelry organization tool…and under $12. I LOVE THIS!

All of my long necklaces and earrings are neatly kept with this hanger. There’s even a place for a few of my rings!

And when I run out of space (because, I KNOW I will) I won’t mind adding another hanger to my collection! Space for my pretty little accessories…SOLVED!