Happy Birthday J

The little man has officially turned two…You’re thinking “Terrible Two’s?” Well, he’s been “warming up” WELL before he actually turned two (shaking my head with a heavy sigh). haha Honestly it’s not too bad yet since I’ve been blessed with a baby full of sunshine – mostly…but bad enough that I might be reading up on a few articles to help me get through this phase of his life in good mental standing. (Or perhaps I can ask my own mom. If my memory serves me right, it’s possible I wasn’t always this easy-going and delightful in my toddler years. lol)

Enough of that though. Birthdays have always been exciting for me, like Christmas and Thanksgiving. I may have genetically passed this trait on to J since for a few months now, he’s been running around the house singing happy birthday to everyone he can think of and demanding cake after each performance. So when his birthday came around, D and I wanted to make it a special day filled with fun and wonder.


Me and my Birthday Boy – After opening his first gift, a little Batmobile with Batman sitting in it. (He loves Batman.)

After spending the morning at home, smothering him with hugs and kisses and feeding him “Birthday” Oreos, we took him to the National Aquarium in Baltimore.


The aquatic creatures we saw there were truly amazing. God is so much more of a “fun” artist than I realize sometimes. Some of the fish we saw looked like they were from another world!


The National Aquarium also has a section dedicated to the tropical rainforest. You almost feel like you’re really there (if the rainforest had smooth gravel walkways and no gargantuan mosquitoes trying to chase you down).


J got a chance to stalk some pretty intimidating, but beautiful sharks up-close.



This crocodile better make different dinner plans because J is not available!

We also saw a great dolphin show at the aquarium. (DOH! I should’ve taken a pic but there was too much excitement!)


Enjoying the view of the surrounding Baltimore Inner Harbor

After a great day at the aquarium, we went back home and had birthday cake and presents! This was his very first time being able to blow out birthday candles and he was so excited, I had to keep him from diving head-first into the cake!

photo (4)

YES! Chocolate cake right before bed!

Birthdays are great…especially when you get to celebrate that little munchkin who lights up your world.

Happy Birthday J!

9 comments on “Happy Birthday J

  1. SN says:

    Happy Birthday cutie!! We love you!

  2. Dwayne says:

    That boy had entirely too much fun at the aquarium! Loved seeing him get up close and personal with these animals…fish, reptiles, birds and all. So many of those fish were bigger than his tiny self! Then bringing his candle-lit cake to him in a dark room and seeing him get ultra tensed up with excitement, and his first time blowing out his own candles on his own cake , and then getting to feast afterwards…good times…looking forward to the next b-day!

    – Poppa Stew

  3. shezareu says:

    Aww my favorite post ever! Happy Birthday J!!!! ❤ Auntie Shez loves you so much! It sounds like a super fun birthday. Good job planning it Jainy & Dwayne! 🙂

  4. shezareu says:

    Ooo btw, love the picture of J and the hot model staring out into the water… oh wait, that’s you! 😉 hehehe… what a good looking family! ❤

  5. dawndancers says:

    Aww, what an adorable smiley boy you have! It looks like you gave him a magical birthday with lots of family time, he must feel very loved!. I always get the giggles at aquariums, Some sea creatures are unbelievable! x

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