India: A Home of Inspiration

When it comes to inspiration, Indian culture is a huge influence for me.  Truly a land, with its rich heritage, that is just overflowing with vibrant and beautiful colors, textiles, architecture, music, dance, tapestries,wood-work and more!


Classical Indian Dancers, with graceful and highly skilled movements, often portray beautiful and exciting stories and emotions with their dances. For more information on this dance troop, please click on the image above.

(The girls in the above photograph are actually friends of mine. Two of them were trying to figure out how to get into my blog but little did they know, they didn’t have to try too hard! I have a soft spot for them, so I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing them again.)


Art is literally all over the streets of India.

Monkey Speak No Evil

“Monkey Speak No Evil” – I purchased this monkey from a street beggar who carved it from a dried coconut shell. (Coconuts grow in abundance in that part of India.)

Perhaps I’m ever-so-slightly biased, being the daughter of two Indian immigrants…Naaaah! India is amazing. Having personally been there, I can attest to the incredible rush of inspiration that floods you when you are surrounded by the lush sights, sounds, smells and flavors that are INDIA.


In Keekozhoor (INDIA), on a hill overlooking my late grandfather’s pineapple field and distant hills. 2004

As I mentioned in my Recap post, my interest with anything creative, started with illustrative artwork. So on one of my trips to India, I decided to channel that inspiration into a few sketches.

Here they are:



The idea of the above sketch is a young woman, entering a very ornate temple, to catch a secret peek at her betrothed before they have their first formal meeting.


Young Elephant

Elephants are big part of south Indian culture. It’s very common to see them in the streets, giving rides or carrying lumber.


Indian Summer Night

This last sketch is just a product of my whimsy. 🙂

Looking at these sketches makes me wonder what other magical and beautiful cultural inspirations I might be missing from other parts of the world! I need to start travelling more!

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