The Reckless and The Lucky

I’ll admit, my least favorite thing about sewing projects is the meticulous measuring and cutting that has to be done before you can really get into the more fun parts.

So, I decided to be reckless and create a throw pillow for my bed with the least amount of precision/planning I could get away with. (I know…I’m a real wild child.)

I scrapped some fabric from two old skirts that were too far gone for even the Salvation Army. By coincidence, the teal-patterned skirt happened to coordinate with my pale teal bed sheets, so that was nice.

Scrap Fabric SkirtsThe yellow lighting in the room dulls the beauty of these fabrics. The 1st skirt is a teal/pale teal pattern. The 2nd skirt is black/ivory.

I guess-timated about how big of a pillow I could make with some leftover polyfill stuffing I had on hand and used an old GIFT bag as a template for the pillow. Real precise stuff. hehe Holding the gift bag down on the skirt, I managed to hack a rectangle out of the black skirt and then I cut some strips out of the teal skirt to use as embellishments.


Now here’s where the “Lucky” part comes in. As fate would have it, after I had already cut up my fabrics, sewed on my embellishments and pinned the pieces for sewing, Dwayne shows up with a pillow he had made in his Home Ec. class in high school. And guess what…it was the PERFECT FIT for my pillow case! WOW. Lucky just doesn’t capture it!

Before I could take Dwayne’s beloved high-school (Bart Simpson-themed) pillow to use for my own purposes, I had to convince him that the Simpsons just didn’t quite fit in with our home decor. (And it took some serious convincing.)


With the green-light from hubby, it was “Bye Bye Bart Simpson!”

And after a few runs with the sewing machine and some hand-stitching, I had this lovely creation!


You can see that my strips are not perfectly straight, but that’s part of this pillow’s charm. (I created the matching pillowcase set pictured behind the main pillow last month.)


The ruffle really ties in the bed sheet color while the boldly contrasting black/ivory fabric makes the whole thing pop.


I love how these two fabrics pair together.

CompleteRufflePillow3While I was taking the pictures posted above, my two babies were hanging out on the bed. J may love Moby…but sometimes, he’s only got eyes for “Jingle”, his toy dog.

Glad my recklessness worked out this time! So I say to you…be free and create! You never know what will happen!

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